I looked everywhere and my heart wept. Where is the fear of the Lord? Is there no one who will honor his marvelous name? Does no one see his beauty?


He has been the kindest to me. He rescued me from my demise and pulled me from the miry pit. He refused to leave me as I was because he saw who I was to be.


Every day his eyes search. His voice calls. He places gifts before those he loves, but their eyes are dulled and glassy. They only see a fixed façade, a weak reality, a lie strategically planted by the enemy of their souls.


They cannot hear. Their eyes are blind and their hearts are dulled altogether.


They call to other gods in their aloneness for they are never fulfilled in the company they keep. They give themselves over to be used, all the while giving pieces of themselves away and I weep because I can do nothing.


But alas, I will continue to fix my eyes on you my Lord. You alone are my hope. You alone.


Lamentation: to express sorrow, mourning, or regret for … often demonstratively


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