I saw God’s hands turning people North, South, East and West. Some continued the same direction but were pulled further along or even positioned higher. There were some who were stuck in pits but hands were reaching in to pull them out.

This is what I sense the Lord is saying:

Directional shifts are coming upon God’s people. Where some have been headed one way, you will be turned and sent into another.

For some there will be people placed to walk beside you, some you never would’ve expected.

Some of you are already on course and the way before you is being prepared. God is going to accelerate you. Others are being brought up to a higher place.

There are those who have been stuck in a pit. God is sending help to pull you out.

You will not remain as you have no matter what direction you’ve been heading or the place that you have found yourself. Fall in step with God’s timing. He is realigning the body so that your function will be optimal.

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